Travel Pitch Masters: 90 Days To Traveling The World For Free As A Travel Blogger by Diana Chen

Travel Pitch Masters: 90 Days To Traveling The World For Free As A Travel Blogger

Learn the exact step by step process I used to secure over $10,000 of travels for free in 1.5 years and that you can use to establish magical partnerships with brands and travel the world for free starting in the next 90 days.

What's included?

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Course Introduction
Course Introduction
4 mins
Module 1: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: How To Clearly Identify Your Niche
Module 1 Introduction
2 mins
Module 1.1 Identify Your Interests and Passions
6 mins
Module 1.2 Identify the Problems You Can Solve
4 mins
Module 1.3 Identifying Your Ideal Reader
3 mins
Module 1.4 Test and Tweak
3 mins
Module 1 Worksheet
2.34 MB
Module 2: Don’t Build Your House On Swampland: How To Build A Well-Designed Website, On-Brand Content, And An Engaged Following
Module 2 Video Lesson
19 mins
Module 2 Worksheet
2.37 MB
Module 3: It’s OK To Be Picky! How To Find The Right Brands To Reach Out To And Filter Through The Mess
Module 3 Video Lesson
20 mins
Module 3 Worksheet
2.33 MB
Module 4: Pitch Yo’self: How To Craft The Perfect Pitch Email
Module 4 Video Lesson
21 mins
Module 4 Worksheet
2.34 MB
Module 5: Under Promise, Over Deliver: How To Create Kickass Content And Deliver Above And Beyond What You’ve Promised
Module 5 Video Lesson
12 mins
Module 5 Worksheet
2.36 MB
BONUS: Awesome Pitch Email Templates You Can Use Right Now
2.36 MB

Teaching you how to travel beyond bounds.


Will this course go over how to build an Instagram following?

Yes! Even though you don't need a high Instagram following to secure brand sponsorships, you do need an engaged following, and I will be showing you my best Instagram tips and tricks for creating an engaged following.

Will this course go over how to create a media kit?

Yes, but only very briefly. My (unconventional) belief is that media kits are unnecessary to securing brand sponsorships, and I have my reasons which I talk about in the course. In fact, I've secured over $10,000 worth of brand sponsorships without sending out my media kit to a single brand.

I haven't started a blog yet (but plan to in the near future). Can I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely! Building successful relationships with brands starts from square one. Without the proper foundation for your blog, you'll struggle with pitching to brands. That's why this course starts from ground zero and builds up to teaching you sophisticated tactics for pitching to your favorite brands.

Does this course include pitch templates I can use to get started with pitching to brands?

Yes! As a bonus, you will receive my most successful pitch templates that I've personally used to secure partnerships with hotels, tours, and restaurants on my travels.

Can I really secure a free hotel stay or free tour in 90 days or less??

Yes! I got my first 5-star hotel stay in Edinburgh and 4-star hotel stay in Reykjavik after only 3 months of starting my travel blog when I hardly had any followers! It's all about how you position yourself and how you pitch.